Founder & creator Jessica Rodriguez Hanselman is known for her ability to understand just what a client wants and needs. With over 15 years in the wedding industry, she has cultivated a unique style and down to earth approach to help her clients feel at ease. 

Jessica began her career in her family owned wedding venue, doing everything from marketing to coordinating. When the venue opened a floral business in 2011, Jessica jumped in head first to learning everything she could about floral and has been designing ever since.

Her understanding of wedding logistics, the inner workings of a venue, and extensive knowledge of floral & design elements makes Jessica an expert in the field. 

La Gente

My true passion in life is helping others. Whether that is through bringing your vision to life or problem solving on a wedding day with ease, my ultimate goal is that you have the best time and do not have to worry about a thing.

I go above and beyond for my clients because I truly care about them. Wedding planning can be stressful and my greatest joy is hearing "This was so easy!" from my clients after every meeting.

A note from Jessica:

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